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Federal Recycling Programs


USPS BlueEarth is a group of recycling programs coordinated by the US Postal Service® to support sustainability initiatives that make it easy for federal agencies and their employees to properly dispose of items, like empty ink cartridges and unwanted small electronics.

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The Federal Recycling Program is A Simpler Way® to ensure proper disposal of agency resources and personal property.

Benefits of participating…

  • Easy to manage
  • Free to federal agencies
  • Supplements existing sustainability programs
  • Complies with R2 and e-Stewards certification standards
  • Measurable results available through online reports
  • Recycler follows protocols for wiping data from all items

Are you a federal employee?
Help reduce your impact on the environment by recycling your unwanted personal property. Employees may be able to earn cash back on items, like smartphones, tablets, and other small electronics.

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